Thursday, 6 November 2014

Michael & Me: David Lynch Reveals New Reality Show

Hollywood oddball David Lynch has revealed today that he has finished filming a new reality show, due to air in the spring. This is the first television serial to have been produced by Lynch since Twin Peaks in the early 1990's. The show titled 'Michael and Me' stars David Lynch himself and chronicles the interactions between Lynch and his new room mate; the Living Vampire Michael Morbius of Marvel Comics fame.

Lynch, now a struggling director has been forced to let out the spare room in his flat to make ends meet and took the opportunity to film any old bollocks and call it entertainment. Kyle McLachlan appears in the show, constantly dressed as Paul Atreides and begging Lynch to direct a sequel to Dune. Apparently though, this was not planned and McLachlan just appeared on set everyday crying and apologising for Sex and the City. The producers just decided to keep it in the final edit as it was hilarious. Another highlight of the show is said to be the deep conversation David and Michael have about the origin of Spirograph, while riding a horse down the M2.

Michael Morbius isn't played by anyone as he is a fictional character and doesn't actually exist. The horse wasn't real either.  

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